was created in 1990 in Figeac by Mister Lafon.

Initially specialized in aeronautical cabling, FEM AERO quickly expanded its field of expertise, developing electronics and electrical engineering, acquiring new markets in very diverse sectors such as railway, numerical control machines, automobile, medical , defense, telecommunications …

1990: Creation of the company 
2001: Development of a wiring workshop in Tunisia
2005: Creation of Simequip, design office (2 sites Figeac et Toulouse)
2009: Development of the resin coating process
2012: M.Lafon retired, the company has been transmitted at three managers.
2013: FEM Aéro became FEM Technologies
2014: FEM exceeding 6 millions of euros of turnover.
2015: Our metrology department becoming a process in is own right.
2016: Commisioning of our new resin deposit machine.
2017: Expansion of production premises and reinforcement of teams.
2018: Participation in the Midest exhibition in Paris (April) and Siane exhibition in Toulouse (octobre).